Teacher - Suzanne Long

I have been teaching flute lessons for over 20 years after studying at the London College of Music. Since I was a child I have enjoyed playing in orchestras and wind bands, and I encourage all of my students to join ensembles.

Flute lessons

My flute pupils range from age 7 through to adults. Some younger children begin on the recorder until they are big enough to hold and blow a flute. Children can start the recorder from the age of 5.

My flute lessons include playing along with sound tracks, playing along with piano accompaniment and duets. Scales and exercises will be given to help develop your breathing and finger technique. You will be taught to read music step by step. As you learn to play each note on the flute you will learn to read it. General musicianship skills are taught including theory to help you understand the music fully.

If you do not already own a flute, please phone for advice on purchasing or hiring one.

How much you practise is up to you. The more you blow your flute the quicker the sound will develop. A few minutes spent playing your flute each day is better than an hour of practice just before your lesson.

I look forward to hearing from you,