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Our lively practice has over 90 students a week of all ages and abilities.
Situated in Worthing we have two dedicated music studios and a waiting room where parents can wait and observe the lessons if they wish to.

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Higher Ed.Dip Grade 8 Distinction


We believe in offering our students the best musical education, with patient and friendly lessons for a range of instruments. We utilise our experience in classical, jazz and other popular styles to give our students a broad knowledge, making sure that learning is fun and progressive

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Why choose us?

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in musical education allows us to help our students with both music theory and practical exams. Auditioning for music school or college? Let us help with audition material and rehearsal. Our flexible timetable allows us to cater for all students, tailoring our teaching to suit your requirements.

I recommend Keith Long for guitar lessons

My child has been having guitar lessons from Keith for a few years and I definitely recommend him as a teacher. He's very patient and methodical and it's a good, thorough grounding in guitar. My child always enjoys the lessons.

Exceptional Violin Teacher

Katie has been a most inspirational person and violin teacher for my daughter for the last ten years. She has taught her at the beginning from the age of 8 years, taking her through the grades up to Grade 6, and she has now completed RSL Music at College. Katie is very personable and has certainly instilled a love of the violin by her gentle and patient approach to teaching. I can highly recommend her.

Violin lessons with Katie

I'm an adult learner, I had always wanted to play violin and began learning with Katie after she was recommended to me. I was so nervous at first, as I started completely from scratch, but I needn't have worried. Katie is lovely and friendly and patient, and makes every lesson fun. She is an excellent teacher and plays violin so beautifully it inspires you to want to develop your own playing skills and if you do, I'd thoroughly recommend Katie as an excellent violin instructor. I am really pleased with my progress in just eight months of lessons and most importantly, I enjoy it so much! After wanting to play the instrument for so long, and not doing anything about it, it was the best decision I made last year!

Alto Saxophone Lessons

I was an absolute beginner. Keith is calm, encouraging, informative and has brought me on to be able to read music and be able to recognise tunes. If you are looking for tutor look no further, I would highly recommended him.

Clarinet, Piano & Music Theory Lessons

Keith and Suzanne are amazing music teachers. My daughter has been having lessons with them since about age 7. Apart from giving excellent lessons they involve the parents and children every step of the way. If a child doesn't feel ready to take an exam they won't force them into it. If a child starts to lose interest (which does happen) they have little tricks that get the interest right back. I have been recommending The Longs for years, I'm so pleased we found them.

Katie's Musical Lessons

Katie has a very good teaching method and understanding that makes lessons fun and enjoyable this enables her to get the best out of children who respond and flourish in this friendly environment. My Granddaughter is currently having professional lessons and is now reading and playing music I would recommend Katie without hesitation to any prospective parent who maybe considering violin lessons for their child

Kind and experienced teacher

My daughter has been learning the violin with Katie for several years and she loves her lessons. Katie is excellent at choosing pieces that she knows my daughter will enjoy and they especially like to play duets together. Katie is always kind and positive and helps to encourage her students to experience a wide range of musical styles.

Alto Sax Tuition

Have just completed 5 years studying alto sax with Keith. He has coached me from a zero level to now being able to sight-read formal and complex exercises and also improvise jazz phrases. He moves the degree of difficulty gently forward at a rate well suited to my abilities and is extremely thorough with rhythm, sight-reading, technique and music theory. I will be continuing with his tuition for the foreseeable future. Highly recommended.

Fantastic violin teacher, highly recommend lessons with Katie

Katie is a fantastic teacher. Both myself and my son (6 years old) have lessons with Katie. So enjoyable, my son has just started learning to play and I’m re-learning after many years of not playing. We both love our lessons and look forward to it each week. Katie has a great balance of teaching and making each lesson fun. Would highly recommend violin lessons with Katie, we think she is amazing!

The most flexible and fun music lessons around

Whether you are picking up an instrument for the first time, or you want to improve your playing, we have the experience to help you. Every pupil is treated as an individual, so that you can progress at a pace that suits you, based around the music you want to play.

Exam Information

Exam boards covered:

ABRSM -Trinity Guildhall - London College of Music - Rock School - Trinity Pop & Rock

Classical Exams

We offer tuition for saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano, violin, guitar and theory exams.

Jazz exams

We offer tuition for clarinet and saxophone.

Rock School exams

We offer guitar tuition.

Exam boards

Most exam boards offer three sessions of exams each year. How quickly you can proceed through the grades depends on your aptitude and progress, which is usually related to how much you practise.

GCSE and A Levels

We can help to prepare you for the practical element of GCSE and A level exams.

Auditions and scholarships

We can help prepare you for university and music college auditions, as well as public school scholarship exams.

Festivals and shows

Festivals and shows give you the ability to show what you are capable of, as well give you the opportunity to perform live.


Am I too old to learn an instrument?

I have taught a number of students who took up an instrument in their 70s, and more than a few have gone on to join wind bands etc. Mature students often have more drive and determination and a wealth of life experience that aids learning. The reason to learn an instrument is for fun; we can’t all be virtuosos.

How long does it take to learn a musical instrument?

I am still learning and practising! That’s the great thing about music, you can never get bored of it. But to give you an idea, on average people can achieve a grade a year, and there are 8 grades. The higher ones, of course, can take a little longer.

Why does my clarinet/saxophone squeak?

It could be a fault on your instrument or it could be you. Not having the correct mouth shape or tongue position. Not covering tone holes properly or pressing keys down firmly. Catching keys mistakenly or fingers not moving together can all be causes Also, incorrect instrument set up, wrong posture and breathing will all affect the sound. Nothing that can’t be sorted in two or three lessons or fewer.

What if I can't read music?

Reading music and playing a musical instrument go hand in hand, the one helps the other. You will find yourself reading music in the first lesson. I have never had anyone who does not pick this up. I am quite sure you won’t be the exception.

How much time do I need to practise?

The more you practise the quicker you will progress, but to start with 10 or 15 minutes a day would be good. You can try to build this up to 30 minutes a day but this does not have to be all in one go.
At first three 10 minute practice sessions can often be more beneficial than one half hour. Little and often is the key.

How and what should I practise?

Learning how to practise effectively is all part of the lesson experience no matter what level you are. Most people, when teaching themselves, try to learn too much too fast and at too quick a tempo. Take a step back, relax and it is surprising how much more quickly you can learn.

  • What reed should you use?
  • What do you need to keep your instrument clean and hygienic?
  • What mouthpiece should you buy or is the one that comes with the instrument OK?
  • Get a music stand – essential for good posture
  • Get an instrument stand – not essential but you will practice more if your instrument is out and accessible
  • Get a metronome, it gives you a beat to practise to – even professional musicians use one of these as a practice aid

How to buy an instrument

You could buy one outright but consider hiring one; this will give you a chance to find out if you are going to enjoy the instrument without a too big a financial commitment. Hire schemes will vary, but with most the final purchase price is offset by the cost of the hire.
You can find some good secondhand bargains but be careful. These instruments may need work on them which may cost almost as much as buying a new one!

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