Teacher - Keith Long

Welcome to my guitar lessons page. I studied at the London College of Music for 3 years and have been teaching now for some 20 plus years. I am still getting just as much fun and enjoyment out of it as I ever have, so I hope I can pass at least some of that enthusiasm on to you.

Guitar lessons

There are nylon and steel string acoustic guitars, as well as many types of electric guitar. All types are fine for getting started on. Your choice may be influenced by the style of music you like to play. You may eventually play all styles or specialise in one. For younger children, a nylon string guitar is a good choice. They are inexpensive and come in a range of sizes enabling guitar tuition for all ages.

How will I learn?

Even in your first lesson you will go home playing a simple tune using just one or two strings, younger children may just play attractive tunes on open strings using just one hand. You will learn how to hold your instrument correctly. You will soon be playing along with backing tracks. As you learn each new note you will learn how to read it on the music sheet, as playing the instrument and reading music go hand in hand.

You will also learn how to read tab, an even simpler form of music notation, (many guitar books contain both). You will learn tunes in classical, popular and jazzy style; some students also chose to learn the art of improvisation.

Exams in all the major exam boards can be taken. Check out our exam page. Some younger students find this gives their practice a sense of purpose and an added drive. Others just like to measure their progress while some find the simple joy of playing an instrument enough.

Many students go on to join or form pop bands, guitar is also often called for in the rhythm section of wind bands, big bands, and the orchestras for plays and musicals.

I look forward to hearing from you,