Teacher - Suzanne Long

I have been teaching the piano for over 20 years after studying at the London College of Music. I teach children from 5 through to adults.

What you will learn

My piano lessons are very flexible to suit all styles of playing and ages. I teach all students to read music as it is the easiest way to learn. Piano tuition will include music theory as it is an integral part of each lesson.


Many Parents find that exams provide a useful goal to aim for and as such provide a great incentive to encourage practice. However, most of my adult students choose not to take exams and to play purely for their own enjoyment. Theory exams are an option if you decide to study for them

What type of piano is needed?

A keyboard is sufficient to start piano lessons with, but a digital or acoustic piano will be needed to take exams. If you haven't already got a piano, please phone for advice on hiring or buying one.


The amount of time that you dedicate to practice each week is entirely up to you. The more you practise, the faster you will progress.

I look forward to hearing from you,