Teacher - Keith Long

I have been teaching saxophone lessons now for some 20 plus years and am still getting just as much fun and enjoyment out of it as I ever have so I hope I can pass at least some of that enthusiasm on to you. I hope to help you on your way to learning a new instrument or progressing further on an instrument that you already play whatever your age or experience.

I studied at the London College of Music gaining an Associate and a Licentiate Teaching Diploma. Amongst other things I performed in the LCM Big Band as 2nd Alto Saxophone in my first year and as Lead Alto Saxophone in my 2nd and 3rd years there.

I was privileged to study clarinet with Wilfred Goddard, a musician who performed in many major London Orchestras and venues and Saxophone with Barry Robinson Lead Alto Saxophone with the BBC Radio Orchestra and BBC Radio Big Band. This has given me an education in a wide spectrum of musical styles.

Saxophone lessons

The alto and the tenor saxophones are good instruments for beginners to start on. Younger children often start on the alto saxophone as it is smaller and lighter, and is also the cheaper of the two. Both instruments are good if you want to play in wind bands, school orchestras, pop bands etc. or take exams.

There are many good quality student instruments to choose from, some of the best names being Jupiter, Trevor James and Yamaha. Beware of cheaper models that can be out of tune and not very robust but there are cheaper models, even plastic ones that do very well. Contact me for more advice.

Saxophone tuition for younger children

The Trevor James Alphasax is specially designed to be lighter to hold and has key work designed for small hands. The vibrato A1 Polycarbonate (plastic) alto saxophone is a good choice if you have big enough hands but are still finding a regular saxophone too heavy.

How will I learn?

I aim to get you playing something in your first lesson. Other basics you will also learn are:

Students are soon playing along to backing tracks and playing duets along with me, probably even in your first lesson. As you learn each new note you will learn how to read it on the music, playing the instrument and reading music go hand in hand. You will learn tunes in classical popular and jazzy style; some students also chose to learn the art of improvisation.

Exams in all the major exam boards can be taken. Check out our exams page.

Some younger students find this gives their practice a sense of purpose and an added drive. Others just like to measure their progress while some find the simple joy of playing an instrument enough. Many children and adults that I teach go on to join wind bands and orchestras; some have continued their musical studies at college or university.

I look forward to hearing from you,